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Our endeavor is to revive authentic bathing culture

We adapt it to the highest expectations of our Guests and integrate this culture into modern lifestyles.

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Direct speech

When I was a kid I had a family tradition of going to the local Banya with my father. Growing up and having become an entrepreneur, I haven’t excluded Banya from my lifestyle. I’ve spent several years collecting experience of the best banyas and steam masters’ art. It’s all now a part of Siberia — a business I’ve built with passion. Welcome.

Dmitry Portnyagin

Siberia Founder

Dmitry Portnyagin


We create just the right conditions for high level recreation experience

Paying attention to the smallest details to provide the best service to our Guests

  1. Capsule collection of Banya textiles

  2. Personal rider for every Guest

  3. Unique microclimate in a steam room adjusted according to your needs

  4. Welcome treats in every Banya

  5. Variety of brooms

  6. In-house manufactured cosmetics, from shampoos to toothpaste

  7. Personal free parking lot


Live by principles, follow the values

These are the rules we stick to in providing exceptional service.

  1. Be passionate

    Combining our professional skills with love for the things we do.

  2. Study and honor traditions

    All of the Parenie sessions, brews, and recipes are from the Siberian masters and creators.

  3. Go forward

    We always improve and strive to find new ways to improve your bathing experience.

  4. Stay young and cheerful

    We value the excessive energy that can help achieve the impossible.

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