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Siberia Private
Banya Club

For those searching for the authentic banya culture and the community of soulmates.

Банный клуб

Banya Club Mission

We use banya culture as a reason for successful people to unite in their desire to enrich their lifestyles. We create an environment full of trust and based on equality despite the status the Club members have.

Dmitry Portnyagin

Siberia Founder

Dmitry Portnyagin

Membership benefits

What you get as a Club Member

Extra options and services first of all.

  1. 10% discount for all services and restaurant menu

  2. Booking priority

  3. Personal concierge manage

  4. Closed Club events

  5. Personal banya kit

  6. Personal utensils and cosmetics set

  7. Option to choose a Steam Master

  8. Community of like-minded members

  9. Access to a private chat

  10. Parking lot

Terms and conditions

₽250 000

Terms and conditions

To get a Siberia club card, one shall deposit ₽250000 to a club card balance. Yearly pay of ₽25000 is withdrawn from this card automatically.


Apply for a membership

Provide us with your contact info via the form below and our manager will contact you, or call +7 903 299 57 55

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Менеджер по работе с членами клуба

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Thank you for your request. We will contact you shortly.

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