Shamanic atmosphere
  • Up to 6 guests Banya capacity
  • 4 hours program duration
  • 94 sq.m banya size

Banya «Olkhon»

Banya capacity Up to 6 guests

program duration 4 hours

banya size 94 sq.m

Cleanse your mind and body through purple sage smudging and Steam Treatment accompanied by shaman tambourine sounds.

Cleanse your mind and body through purple sage smudging and Steam Treatment accompanied by shaman tambourine sounds.

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Direct speech

Clay steam room without rough edges commits to creation of a special vibe. The real Siberian Olkhon is closer than ever and we are happy to help you discover the sacred atmosphere, listen to the sounds of Baikal, and experience real Steam Treatment from Siberian shamans.

Sergei Nesterov

Siberia Evangelist

Sergei Nesterov


Olkhon offerings

Cleanse your mind and body through purple sage smudging and Steam Treatment accompanied by shaman tambourine sounds.

  • Steam


    Artysh-juniper, anise, thyme, St. John’s wort, and hyssop

  • Scrubbing


    Shaman Might

  • Brooms


    Oak, birch, juniper, fir

  • Sounds


    Tambourine, Ocean Drum, Tibetan Bell

Treatment program

Every Parenie is a unique ritual

The Steam Master tells you about the traditions and peculiarities of each Parenie ritual and guides you on this path. Steam Treatment sessions may vary based on the number of Guests.

  • Session One

    First steam — Burkhan-steam

    ?? min

    Getting into the right mood before the first Parenie with purple sage smudging and sounds of shaman tambourine. Leg heat exposure with hot towels surrounded by steam enriched with hyssop, wormwood, and juniper. Preheating with oak brooms and wormwood.

    First steam — Burkhan-steam
  • Session Two

    Main Treatment — Shaman-Steam

    ?? min

    Hot Steam Treatment with oak brooms on hay beds with icy fir. Feet treatment with mint-wort brew and juniper massage. Preparation for a contrast procedure with hot steam. All accompanied by a shaman tambourine. Contrast treatment in an icy tub to dive into a meditative state.

    Main Treatment — Shaman-Steam
  • Session Three

    Extra Treatment

    ?? min

    Steam meditation empowered by authentic sounds. Additional heating with birch brooms and body treatment with wort rolls.

    Extra Treatment
  • Session Four


    ?? min

    Intensive massage with a Shaman Might scrub made of thyme, wort, yarrow, fir, juniper, salt, and honey. Wort brew body treatment

  • Session Five


    ?? min

    Massage for relaxation and for the right state of mind and body. Treatment for the most stressed body areas

  • Session Six

    Final Steam of Wishes

    ?? min

    The Steam of Wishes ritual — Every guest dips their hand into the water pot and wishes for something. The water then is poured over hot stones and the wishes are sent to the Universe with the steam.

    Final heat exposure through bare oak brooms and wormwood. Breathing with fresh ginger and mugwort.

    Final Steam of Wishes


From ₽25 000 per Guest
From ₽25 000 per Guest
From ₽27 500 per Guest
Up to 6 Guests
4 hours

for a company of 6 Guests. If there are fewer guests, the price per person is higher.
On weekends and holidays prices may vary.

50% discount for 7 to 10-year-olds, free for 6-year-olds and younger.


«Olkhon» also offers:

  • 30-minute massage

    5 000 ₽

  • 45-minute massage

    8 000 ₽

  • 60-minute massage

    10 000 ₽

  • Taiga fir shelf cover

    15 000 ₽

  • Baikal Ice Pool (4°С)

    30 000 ₽

  • Tub with ice

    1 000 ₽

  • Linden shelf cover

    20 000 ₽

  • Taiga Ice Pool

    35 000 ₽

  • Oak shelf cover

    20 000 ₽

  • Birch canopy

    20 000 ₽

  • Juniper flooring

    20 000 ₽

  • Soap washing

    5 000 ₽

  • Four hands Parenie

    10 000 ₽

  • Steam Treatment with axes

    10 000 ₽

  • Steam Treatment with Valenki

    10 000 ₽


Plan your visit
to Siberia

Siberia’s convenient location allows you to plan some personal time for recreation and add some more experience to your daily routine

We welcome you at:

Call any time 10:00 to 21:00 Moscow time, text us any time of the day:

+7 499 647 45 36
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